Behind The Scenes Administrative Services - We Do The Work, You Take The Credit!
Behind The Scenes Administrative Services can help you to focus on your income-generating work by providing services including but not limited to: 
High Level Admin Support
  • Create simple or complex  presentations, documents spreadsheets, or PDFs 
  • Conduct online research
  • Implement production of large and small projects involving document creation, proofreading, editing, copying and binding
  • Transcription services
  • Manage and keep current company documents/lists
  • Spearhead meeting logistics
  • Draft/create business email/correspondence
  • And, so much more!
Office Management
  • Maintain office budget and expenses
  • Coordinate transfer and/or disposal of company records
  • Research office equipment leases/purchases
  • Manage office supply procurement
  • Serve as office vendor contact
  • When logistically possible, provide switchboard temporary assistance
  • And, so much more!
Human Resources
  • Arrange all logistics associated with implementation of company training programs
  • Manage candidate job interview scheduling process
  • Prepare and process all new hire paperwork
  • Coordinate and spearhead new hire orientations
  • Handle employee time-off reporting system process
  • Manage employee performance evaluation process
  • Create and maintain organizational charts
  • Manage E-Verify process
  • And, so much more!
  • Presentation, spreadsheet tips
  • Provide small network connectivity
  • Printer connectivity
  • Install/configure printers with print drivers to networks
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